Enhancing Privacy, Focus, and Well-Being: The Synergy of Acoustic Partitions and Sound Masking

Speech Privacy and Confidentiality:

Acoustic Partitions and Sound Masking - Moving Designs LtdAcoustic partitions are not limited to a specific environment. They are versatile tools used in various settings, from open-plan offices to healthcare facilities and hotel conference rooms. These partitions offer the flexibility to create different room configurations, adapting to the unique needs of each space. When combined with sound masking, the privacy level is further enhanced. Sound masking introduces a gentle, continuous background noise that masks speech intelligibility. This means that even if someone is standing near an acoustic partition, their conversations won’t be easily understood by others outside that zone.

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Controlling reverberation inside classrooms

Controlling reverberation in classrooms - Moving Designs LimitedControlling reverberation inside classrooms is a key to creating great learning spaces.

Most learning activities in classrooms involve speaking and listening as the primary communication modes.  Excessive noise may lead to students missing key words, phrases and concepts. Especially for younger children, who haven’t yet developed the skills that allow them to process conversations in the presence of background noise.

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Taming Office Noise with Sound Masking

Taming Office Noise with Sound Masking With the gain in popularity of open-plan office design, integrating acoustics into your workplace strategy is an important part of creating a productive environment. With companies overestimating the ability of their employees to drown out noise with headphones, acoustics are all too often an afterthought in workplace design and construction. However, the consequences of not doing so are quite significant.

One of the main complaints from employees is that they are constantly distracted by unwanted noise around them. Prolonged noise distractions caused by poorly designed office acoustics can have a negative impact on productivity and efficiency at work.

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Acoustic Partitions to Help With COVID-19

Acoustic Partitions to Help With COVID-19Despite a raft of restrictions such as gathering limitations the government wants to get the economy going again. As reopening schools and workplaces call for new safety measures, acoustic partitions are an effective way to minimise space to accommodate smaller groups. Whilst maintaining regulations and restricting the number of people who have access to a given space at any one time.

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Digitally Printed Movable Walls

Digitally Printed Movable Walls by Moving Designs LimitedBlank walls make for blank thoughts.

If walls could speak how would this “Art-Rock” partition define itself? I’m irreverent, rebellious, and quirky and have a strong opinion.

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