Kudos Sliding Folding Partitions

The Multi-Use Concept – Sliding Folding Partitions

Imagine being able to negotiate your space to work to your advantage, having the ability to single-handedly transform a large area into multiple smaller spaces with minimal effort within a few moments. Now imagine the possibility of maximising your revenue through the use of sliding folding partitions, during the day hosting multiple functions simultaneously and, come evening time, the partitions are effortlessly stacked away and transformed into a large function room.

Our Kudos hinged sliding folding partitions, also known as folding walls, are UK manufactured to the highest specification. The Kudos offers many fantastic benefits whether it’s dividing a school hall into two different multi-purpose areas for simultaneous physical activities, or splitting a large conference facility in smaller seminar rooms by sub-dividing these spaces with sliding folding partitions.

With sliding folding partitions you can control how your space is utilised:

  1. Space management ~ Sliding folding partitions offer an effective space solution for many environments including offices, educational establishments, sporting facilities, dining and entertainment facilities, religious centres, or retail areas.
  2. Smart use of space – the sliding folding partition system incorporates a series of flat panels (each up to 900mm wide) that are hinged together to give a flush appearance when closed. They are a flexible solution for making the most of an interior space. Room sizes can be changed in a matter of moments to capitalise on the revenue potential of commercial space or simply create the most efficient use of floor space.
  3. Acoustics ~ our systems are quick to operate and are available in a range of acoustic ratings from 30dB – 49dB which is achieved with a combination of acoustic infills.
  4. Operation ~ sliding folding partition systems can be used as single units, or in pairs, operating with an aluminium track. The panels are manoeuvred on either a ceiling mounted track or an ultra low profile floor track system.
  5. Adaptable configurations – all systems can be supplied for openings of unlimited width on straight or curved track.
  6. Finishes ~ our systems can be supplied in an almost endless choice, popular finishes include MFC, veneers and laminates but we can also offer dry wipe, wall coverings and fabrics.
  7. Options ~ Not only can our panels be manufactured in an endless array of finishes and colours but can be constructed with a range of partially or fully glazed panels, ceiling or floor track and a choice of hardware.

Surface Finishes

Our partitions can be supplied in an almost endless choice of surface finishes including MFC, laminates and veneers; we can also offer dry wipe magnetic finishes, wall coverings from Muraspec and Tektura or bespoke stretch fabrics to compliment different decorative schemes and location types. The option exists for walls to have one finish or colour scheme on one side and a different finish or colour scheme on the other.

Movable Wall Surface Finishes | Natural Dijon Walnut | Moving Designs Limited

Natural Dijon Walnut

Movable Wall Surface Finishes | Natural Lancaster Oak | Moving Designs Limited

Natural Lancaster Oak

Movable Wall Surface Finishes | Light Lakeland Acacia | Moving Designs Limited

Light Lakeland Oak

Movable Wall Surface Finishes | Natural Mandal Maple | Moving Designs Limited

Natural Mandal Maple

Movable Wall Surface Finishes | Light Sorano Oak | Moving Designs Limited

Light Sorano Oak

Movable Wall Surface Finishes | Pebble Grey | Moving Designs Limited

Pebble Grey

Movable Wall Surface Finishes | Crema Beige | Moving Designs Limited

Crema Beige

Movable Wall Surface Finishes | Premium White | Moving Designs Limited

Premium White

Movable Wall Surface Finishes | Pearl Grey | Moving Designs Limited

Pearl Grey

The above highlights our standard range of colours. However, Moving Designs are constantly introducing exciting new ideas for innovative colours and finishes from our Egger and Duhospan Range including wood grain, metallic’s and textured effects. Having one of the widest ranges of finishes available we are certain you’ll find the perfect solution for all your project needs.

Please speak to one of our team us for a colour swatch, so you can feel confident in your final colour decision.

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