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Modernise your Workspace with a Glass Partition

Movable glass partitions are a modern and refreshing way to modernise your workspace. Our range of glass partitions create a new environment which becomes part of the room and opens up your space providing a productive and uplifting workplace everyone can enjoy and feel comfortable in.

Imagine separating your workspace with glass partitions, flooding your space with natural light and bringing your room to life at the same time. All with the added benefit of soundproofing, allowing you to work undisturbed and in peace.  Our sleek and stylish range includes frameless, single glazed, double glazed, acoustic and fire rated glass partitions to meet all your partitioning and interior glass needs.

Moving Designs has been at the forefront of delivering integrated office interior space solutions since the company was started. We offer an expansive range of innovative, contemporary systems, whilst focusing on aesthetics without detracting from performance.

Acoustic Glass Partitions

A modern movable wall system constructed from a solid aluminium frame and finished with double glazed safety glass. The most significant benefits of glass partition are that it promotes an open atmosphere and minimises sound. Double glazed glass partitions are some of the most effective at preventing noise pollution in a busy working environment.

System Description

  • Top hung elements move easily and quietly on single or twin point suspensions running in aluminium track
  • No floor track required
  • Various options available for ‘parking’ elements when wall is open
  • Hinged full height pass doors
  • Electrically operated venetian blinds can be fitted within double glazing to give privacy when required. Alternatively, manifestation can be applied to the glass.
  • Seals at head and base operated by concealed jacking mechanism using quick release handle
  • Option for semi-automatic operation of seals using ‘electronic controls’
  • Available with fire-resistant glass

Frameless Glass Partitions

A frameless glass partition maximises the impact and dispersion of natural light, creating an atmosphere of space, brightness and transparency. An aesthetically pleasing and easy to use fully glazed ‘glass to glass’ movable wall system designed for use in a wide range of internal environments including hotels, shopping malls, airport terminals and railway stations.

System Description

  • Elements move easily and quietly on ball bearing suspensions and aluminium tracks
  • Walls can be straight, curved or angled
  • Various options available for ‘parking’ elements when wall is open
  • Single and double action pass doors available as movable or fixed elements
  • Standard track finish natural anodised aluminiumPartial or full manifestation can be applied as required to satisfy requirements for privacy and Health and Safety
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