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Specifying a dB rating

When specifying an acoustic partition determining the dB rating is a key consideration for the soundproofing the product needs to achieve.

Understanding Sound

The below gives a guide to the acoustic levels and their suitability for your needs so you can be well informed when choosing your acoustic partition.

db ratingSound levels:

  • 20dB Rw – Normal speech readily audible
  • 25dB Rw – Loud speech clearly audible
  • 30dB Rw – Loud speech audible under normal conditions
  • 35dB Rw – Loud speech audible but difficult to distinguish
  • 40dB Rw – Loud speech faintly audible but cannot be distinguished
  • 45dB Rw – Shouting audible but cannot be distinguished
  • 50dB Rw – Shouting barely audible

It is important to remember that partitions are acoustically rated according to their performance in laboratory acoustic tests. When measured on site results will vary from one space to another.

For further advice on specifying the correct dB rating, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Acoustic Movable Partitions and their role in Schools

Movable Walls in SchoolsMovable Partitions in schools promote flexible learning spaces in the classrooms and beyond, creating an enhanced learning experience for the 21st Century.An important feature of flexible learning space is that it is of sufficient size to accommodate a range of different learning activities and can be easily configured or adapted to suit the activities taking place. Continue reading

Baffling facts about Acoustic Partitions

Partition AcousticsIt’s a phenomenon as to why contractors and building owners specify floor to ceiling acoustic partitions yet leave an expansive void above the partition to save on initial construction costs. Even with the highest rated acoustic partition sound will leak over the top of partition freely because they are relying on the ceiling alone to block the transfer of sound.

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What is a dB rating?

What is a dB rating? - Acoustic Movable WallsManufacturers of Movable Walls market their products based on data that is derived from test done in a controlled environment, normally in an Acoustic Testing Laboratory. The sound insulation values of lab tested walls are generally given as Rw Db ratings. These tests can be used as a comparison but the actual field rating acoustics of the Movable Wall will probably be worse, this is defined as the DnTw Db

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Choosing the correct Acoustic Partition

Choosing the correct acoustic partitionAcoustic partitions allow schools, hotels, meeting rooms and other facilities to divide and expand rooms to meet their ever changing requirements. Specifying them into the building design not only allows the owner to provide privacy, but also maximises a facility’s use by enabling the hosting of simultaneous events. Choosing an Acoustic Partition isn’t always an easy task. So how do you choose the correct partition for your facility?

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