Acoustic Movable Partitions and their role in Schools

Movable Walls in SchoolsMovable Partitions in schools promote flexible learning spaces in the classrooms and beyond, creating an enhanced learning experience for the 21st Century.An important feature of flexible learning space is that it is of sufficient size to accommodate a range of different learning activities and can be easily configured or adapted to suit the activities taking place.

With Movable Partitions space can immediately be minimised to accommodate smaller groups. Whilst increasing the size means that the space can be occupied by more than one teacher, allowing for a collaborative learning environment.

For an added sense of openness there is the option of Glazed Movable Partitions allowing natural sunlight to flood in. From a holistic approach the environment is an important tool to increase the student experience. Therefore, consideration must be given about the function of the space.

The most common type of partition is the Acoustic Movable Wall. The operator lines up each panel adjacent to the other locking the seals into place. Acoustic insulation of up to 58dB noise reduction is achieved with a combination of acoustic infill’s and operable top and bottom seals. Individual panels can be constructed with either manual or semi automatic retractable top and bottom seal. Panels are available curved or with inset pass doors and glazed cut outs

The Sliding Folding Partition utilises two hinged panels that are moved in pairs and straightened when in place. The system incorporates a series of flat panels (each up to 900mm wide) that are hinged together to give a flush appearance when closed. They are quick to operate and available in a range of acoustic ratings from 30dB – 49dB which is achieved with a combination of acoustic infills.