Digitally Printed Movable Walls

Digitally Printed Movable Walls by Moving Designs LimitedBlank walls make for blank thoughts.

If walls could speak how would this “Art-Rock” partition define itself? I’m irreverent, rebellious, and quirky and have a strong opinion.

Art goes a long way toward conveying your vision, for people to see the world you are trying to paint. Digitally printed movable walls have their own personas and can tell a story, whether it creates a real source of inspiration in areas such a creativity, innovation, motivation, leadership or high performance.

From provocative advertising to your own unique design or logo, digitally printed movable walls can be as individual as you like, whether it be different designs or colours on either side the constraints are limited only by our imagination. Creating the right impression in your business premises is critical; it’s where the customer leaves behind the outside world and enters your space. A space that entices customers to find out more about you, so whatever they see needs to be impressive.

Digitally printed movable walls are a fantastic way of adding personality and character to your workplace and are becoming increasingly popular as companies are more conscious of their aesthetic representation. Workplace design has changed almost beyond recognition in the last two decades, and for good reason. Staff expectations as to what kind of space they want to work in has never been higher.

Improving the work surrounding with colour and art has a powerful influence on our mood. Digitally printed movable walls can be bold and eye-catching, interactive and dynamic, cutting edge and versatile, taking on many fascinating forms.

Not only does Digitally Printed Movable Walls create an amazing centre piece for any environment. It is also crafted to provide a high degree of sound isolation between rooms, with the added ability of enabling room sizes to be changed in a matter of minutes.

Remember ~your environment sells your business just as much as your people do.

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