Acoustics for a sound education

Moving Designs Limited Serenity CloudControlling reverberation inside classrooms is a key to creating great learning spaces. Most learning activities in classrooms involve speaking and listening as the primary communication modes.  Excessive noise may lead to students missing key words, phrases and concepts.

Especially for younger children, who haven’t yet developed the skills that allow them to process conversations in the presence of background noise. Students learn by listening to the teacher and to each other. Communication is a major component of classroom learning and recognition of the spoken word is critical for the cognitive process.

When excessive background noise is not addressed reverberation can directly reduce speech intelligibility and produce a build-up of noise. Sound bouncing off hard, reflective materials causes reverberation, while absorptive material on various surfaces reduces reverberation. Therefore, incorporating good acoustics is essential to enhance the teaching, learning experience and improve academic performance.

While classroom performance places great emphasis on teacher to student communication, there is often a failure to incorporate acoustical considerations to reduce distraction and make the environment more conducive to learning. Instead, emphasis is placed on space constraints, audio-visual equipment, and furniture specifications. Today’s educational trends towards collaboration and multi-functional spaces require sound acoustical designs.

Moving Designs Limited Serenity CloudTo improve acoustics requires reducing secondary sound paths with sound absorbing materials. In the classroom, the opportunity for acoustical treatment relies mainly on the ceilings & walls. Products like Acoustic Panels, Tiles, Ceiling Clouds, & Ceiling Baffles are all sound absorption products that are designed to reduce the problem of sound echo and noise reverberation. Our Serenity range enhances the environment’s acoustics by absorbing the optimal amount of sound at different frequencies, reducing unwanted reverberation. The innovative technology eliminates echo for a more peaceful environment and dramatically improves audibility

Now more than ever an optimal acoustic experience is as important as the look, feel and function of a space. And it starts by choosing the right sound absorption products to achieve the best level of sound absorption for your space.

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