Specifying a dB rating

db rating

When specifying an acoustic partition determining the dB rating is a key consideration for the soundproofing the product needs to achieve.

Understanding Sound

The below gives a guide to the acoustic levels and their suitability for your needs so you can be well informed when choosing your acoustic partition.

Sound levels:

  • 20dB Rw – Normal speech readily audible
  • 25dB Rw – Loud speech clearly audible
  • 30dB Rw – Loud speech audible under normal conditions
  • 35dB Rw – Loud speech audible but difficult to distinguish
  • 40dB Rw – Loud speech faintly audible but cannot be distinguished
  • 45dB Rw – Shouting audible but cannot be distinguished
  • 50dB Rw – Shouting barely audible

It is important to remember that partitions are acoustically rated according to their performance in laboratory acoustic tests. When measured on site results will vary from one space to another.

For further advice on specifying the correct dB rating, please don’t hesitate to contact us.