Movable Walls deliver a sustainable story based on the product’s materials

Sustainable Movable Walls - Moving Designs LimitedWith the growing concern over climate change, it makes perfect sense to incorporate acoustic movable walls into the design of commercial buildings, as opposed to the traditional drywall construction which has a noticeable environmental impact.Because of its flexibility and reusability, movable wall systems offer an effective space solution for many environments. Giving businesses the opportunity to create individualised workspaces without creating any environmental waste. With the emphasis on sustainability, our UK manufactured systems are ideal for the environment, too. 

Movable Walls deliver a sustainable story based on the product’s materials, but also offers a strong reuse strategy that reduces landfill waste. As if helping to save the planet isn’t enough, there are many other good reasons to choose a movable wall. The longevity of a movable wall can be up to 20 years or more when properly maintained whereby drywall needs to be repainted every five years.

A Movable Wall has the potential to be relocated with no mess or carpet damage whereby drywall can’t be re-located and will require demolition and disposal at a landfill. When drywall is disposed of in landfills, a series of biological and chemical reactions can occur that have the potential for adverse environmental impacts.

When drywall in a landfill gets wet, some of the sulfate from the gypsum dissolves into the water which can produce hydrogen sulfide gas — not good for humans, the environment, and other living creaturesConversely, movable walls can deliver the added benefit of increased visual and auditory privacy, especially in open-plan offices where audible conversations inevitably drift across the busy workplace. Indeed, it’s important for office designers to understand the role privacy and personal space plays in employee productivity.

Movable walls are yet another architectural innovation that designers can leverage to deliver the kind of workspace atmosphere that optimises focus and promotes productivity while ensuring employee wellness. Installing an acoustic movable wall not only allows space to be maximised and re-configured to suit your needs but is an easy way to incorporate eco-friendly principles into any premises.

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