Acoustic Movable Walls – Where Sound is Sacred

Acoustic Movable Walls - Where Sound is SacredMovable Walls are an ideal solution to utilise available space within any religious building including Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Islamic Centres and other types of worship space.

Modern worship spaces have increasingly seen a need for multi-functionality, often hosting multiple religious services with varying acoustical needs simultaneously. Movable Walls are acoustically rated partitions and are designed, engineered and installed to provide varying degrees of sound control, encompassing the mitigation of any unwanted sound from intrusive noise sources from one space to the next.

A Banqueting Suite can be divided up into smaller prayer rooms, private meeting areas or converted into classrooms in a matter of moments, by sub dividing these spaces with Movable Walls. Then effortlessly stacked away and transformed back into a larger area. In the religious structures, the sense of individuality or unity & togetherness are created according to variable worship activities; these different uses have also different acoustical requirements, which Moving Designs will be able to assist you with and discuss your options.

Movable Walls are built to your exact dimensions and requirement and can be supplied in an endless choice of colours or finishes complimenting any surrounding and can be constructed with either manual or semi automatic retractable top and bottom seal. Panels are also available curved or with inset pass doors and glazed cut outs

Regardless of the environment the goal remains the same, to create a gathering space for worship where the sound is sacred.

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