When a Movable Wall is not just a Movable Wall!!

Printed Graphics Movable WallMovable walls are an effective solution for space management but who says Movable Walls are only used for dividing space. The next generation of Movable Walls lends itself to an array of possibilities, the constraints are only limited by our imagination.

At its most basic a Movable Wall divides space but the added value of the next generation walls means they can be used in a multitude of ways. For instance ~

The “White Board Movable Wall” a place for an impromptu meetings, brainstorming, a way to harness creative thinking, a space for the visual thinker.

The “Printed Graphics Movable Wall, this can incorporate logos, pictures, vibrant colours or text, transforming your wall into a visually stunning work of art.

The “Reindeer Moss Movable Wall” a living breathing wall, a visually attractive concept, incorporating greenery into an indoor environment.

The “Fabric Wall” tensioned fabric can be printed in high quality graphics and inserted into the panel faces which can be removed and re-used time and again. Allowing the wall to be branded and re-branded in a matter of minutes.

From whiteboards to living breathing walls a Movable Wall will never be just a Movable Wall!

Whiteboard Movable Wall
Reindeer Moss Movable Wall