Serenity Tough

The Serenity Tough are made with natural wood fibres from 100% sustainable sources. These wood acoustic panels are tough and available in any RAL colour, depending on quantity. They can be used on ceilings and high level walls where resistance from ball impact is important. This robustness, along with multi-colours, makes them ideal for use in reducing reverberant noise levels in a wide variety of buildings such as schools, gymnasiums, restaurants, offices, leisure centres, cinemas, community halls, churches, swimming pools, etc.

Serenity Tough high performance impact resistant noise absorbing wood panels are ecologically friendly and used to reduce reverberant noise levels inside buildings. Their special fine rustic finish gives them a unique design feature as well as providing maximum open area for sound absorption. The choice, depending on quantity, to have the surface of the panels to any colour, such as RAL, NCS, BS makes the Serenity Tough panel the perfect choice for creative design, combined with good acoustics as they achieve Class A acoustic absorption performance, which is the highest class.

Moving Designs Limited Serenity Tough
Moving Designs Limited Serenity Tough
Moving Designs Limited Serenity Tough

Fire Safety

Serenity Tough has a Euroclass B-s1 d0 fire rating. This is equivalent to BS Class 0 fire rating in the United Kingdom.


An almost unlimited range of colours are available – almost every colour tone from popular colour systems such as RAL, NCS or BS colour, subject to minimum single batch order quantity.


Serenity Tough is simple to maintain by just vacuuming periodically. Any damage can be spray painted. Ask for painting guide. Panels age naturally under U.V. light conditions like all natural products.


Serenity Tough panels are manufactured from Spruce wood and water and a bonding agent of Magnesite. The Spruce wood is from sustainable forests and FSC and PEFC approved.

Acoustic Performance

Serenity Tough Acoustic Performance

Note: a small difference in density (e.g. +/-10 kg/m3) will not make any difference to the overall absorption

Serenity Sound Absorption Panel Types

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