Serenity Quiet

The Serenity Quiet Ecopaint are high performance Class A sound absorbing panels suitable for wall and ceiling applications. They are pre-finished in a standard white colour with other colours also available.

Ideal to absorb sound in environments such as schools, offices, leisure centres, community halls, hospitals, music and TV studios, churches and restaurants.

Acoustic Performance

Serenity Quiet Acoustic Performance

Painting Decoration

Serenity Ecopaint Acoustic Panels come standard in white RAL 9016, but can be emulsion spray painted on site to any colour with little significant effect on acoustic performance. 

The panels can be painted for aesthetic reasons or even in the future to cover dirty marks. It is important that the paint is water based matt emulsion and is applied in a very light mist spray coat so that the acoustics are not affected.

Serenity Quiet Ivory
Serenity Quiet Pastel Blue
Serenity Quiet Pale Green
Serenity Quiet Traffic Grey
Serenity Quiet Pale Brown

Other RAL colours are available depending on quantity


Standard sizes:
2400 x 1200 x 40mm thick
1200 x 1200 x 40mm thick
600 x 1200 x 40mm thick

Circle panels:
1200 diameter x 40mm thick
800 diameter x 40mm thick

Fire Resistance

The panels are Class 0 fire rated


Nominal 4 kg/m2.

Ceiling Installation

The panels are simply suspended by steel wires from the soffit by means of special spiral hooks which are fitted in the rear of the Acoustic Panels.

The depth in suspension is simply changed by adjusting the length of the steel suspension wire. This also allows the panels to be installed at slightly sloping angles if required, again adding to the visual design possibilities.

Serenity Quiet Ceiling Installation

Serenity Sound Absorption Panel Types

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