Serenity Bubble

The Serenity Bubble artistically designed acoustic bubbles are used to absorb noise in reverberant spaces such as restaurants, offices, showrooms, studios, homes, or in any space with hard surfaces.

The Serenity Bubble comes in an array of colours and interesting shapes; these attractive panels will enhances any space and achieve sound absorption in a fun, modern and individual way.

The Serenity Bubble can be used over and over again, they’re quick and easy to put up and can be taken down and used somewhere else. The shapes are durable, long lasting and are manufactured with materials that enable them to always keep the same shape.

Not only can the bubble compliment décor or furniture it is acoustic as well, with the basic shapes leading to millions of combination of patterns and colours.

Moving Designs Limited Serenity Bubble
Moving Designs Limited Serenity Bubble

Acoustic Performance

The Serenity Bubble acoustic panels possess very good sound absorbing ability. These panels contribute to reducing disturbing noise and reduce the echo. The panels also absorb 85% of the incident sound – Class A.

The product has the highest possible measured sound absorption coefficient at the middle and high frequencies, i.e. between 500-4000Hz. This is the important speech frequency.

Serenity Sound Absorption Panel Types

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