Serenity Baffle

Serenity Baffle Ecopaint is a Class A high performance baffle ideal for absorbing noise in large spaces with high ceilings such as auditoriums, leisure centres, schools, offices and leisure centres.

The Serenity Baffle is a creative and functional option for minimising reverberation and making rooms acoustically comfortable. It is a double-sided, sound-absorbing panel designed for horizontal suspension, and provides high levels of sound reduction for reducing reverberation in large high cubic volume rooms.  It is particularly useful in situations where the roof space needs to support various services or it is important to allow natural light.

The standard Serenity Baffle Ecopaint surface finish comes in white RAL 9016. However, they can be emulsion spray painted on site to any colour with little significant effect on acoustical performance. The panels can be painted for aesthetic reasons or even in the future to cover dirty marks.

Serenity Quiet Ivory
Serenity Quiet Pastel Blue
Serenity Quiet Pale Green
Serenity Quiet Traffic Grey
Serenity Quiet Pale Brown

Other RAL colours are available depending on quantity

Acoustic Performance

Class A absorbers – Sound absorption coefficients.

Serenity Baffle Acoustic Performance


Serenity Baffle Installation
Serenity Baffle Installation


Nominal sizes: 1200 x 600 x 40mm thick
(Manufacturing tolerances are +/- 3.0mm)
Other sizes available upon request.

Building Material Classification

The panels are Class 0 fire rated to BS476 Part 6 and Class 1 fire rated to BS476 Part 7.

Serenity Baffle is a soft melamine resin-based foam.

Product Advantages

  • Allows more space on ceiling for services.
  • Enables natural light to come through.
  • Allows easy access to services located on ceiling.
  • Greater area of absorbing material can be used, particularly for high ceilings.
  • Can be easily installed on a T-section suspended ceiling grid or individually suspended.
  • Can be used where concrete soffit needs to be exposed for thermal reasons.
  • Can be painted to suit colour scheme.
  • Quickly demountable.
  • Height can be easily adjusted.
  • Colours can be used to create visually stunning effects.

Serenity Sound Absorption Panel Types

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